Moral Networks

Following discussions with members of the DAFINET team, I have become increasingly interested in the idea that moral values might be strengthened by the way in which people might be connected by their values. To investigate this, I started playing around with building networks in R. I downloaded some existing data on Moral Foundations Theory from the OSF (see here). In order to play with it more interactively, I built this ShinyApp.


  1. Select the range of participants you want included in your network; there are 522 participants, numbered 1-522, you can select the range by inputting the first and last participants in the range.

  2. Select the Moral Foundations, or the specific questions you want to look at.


  • When it first loads it will show an error because nothing is selected;
  • If there is no network to be built (e.g., 2 participants who disagree on the only item selected) it will also show up an error
  • If too many participants and too many items are selected it will probably crash (I tried to create a full network of all participants and all items, and after 3 hours I gave up)
  • Due to the amount of content in the App it doesn’t fit too well embedded below, so it might going directly to to play with it.