JS Mediation

A Shiny App for running JS Mediation

Cillian McHugh


May 15, 2019

In response to this paper by Yzerbyt, Batailler and Judd (2018) which outined a new method of conducting mediation analyses (with less susceptability to false positives than Hayes’ PROCESS) I created a ShinyApp so that their R-package could be used by SPSS users. Upload your SPSS file below and select the variables you wish to compare.

(see https://cillianmacaodh.shinyapps.io/JS_mediation/)

Yzerbyt, V., Muller, D., Batailler, C., & Judd, C. M. (2018). New Recommendations for Testing Indirect Effects in Mediational Models: The Need to Report and Test Component Paths. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology: Attitudes and Social Cognition, 115(6), 929–943. http://dx.doi.org/10.1037/pspa0000132